Shoppe Geo: Love Wall Hanging

I did not realize I was adulting until all my Pinterest and Instagram feed became about home decor. Heck, my go to department in TJMaxx is home decor, always hunting for the cutest and affordable home decor (keeping it college-pocket friendly, of course). On one of my late-night Instagram scrolls, I came across THE most gorgeous and unique crystal wall hanging my eyes had laid on–certainly something you cannot find in just any store.  

The Love wall hanging from Shoppe Geo is composed of rose quartz, considered the universal stone of love, and clear quartz, a universal healing stone. These gorgeous stones are believed to attract love, kindness and positiveness to your life and home. The Love wall hanging retails for just $35 and worth every penny! The hanging is approximately 28″ long and its stones are 1.5″ to 2.5″ long on average, which makes it perfect for pretty much every location in your home or office.

According to Shoppe Geo, one of the purest and most special gifts from Earth are crystals. They have been known to promote a healthy and balanced physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Each and every crystal has its own unique energy, and when they are held or placed in a space, these positive vibes interact with your own personal energy fields boosting your mood and space!

Just how breathtaking is this wall hanging? (love eyes emoji). If you are as obsessed as me with did, check their instagram or website!

** A special thank you to Shoppe Geo for sending over this gorgeous Love Wall hanging!

5 thoughts on “Shoppe Geo: Love Wall Hanging

    1. I realized I was in mom’s adulting phase when all I do on pinterest is laugh at funny mom memes 😂😂😂. I love the crystal. It’s so aesthetic and beautiful


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