Boycott Goya, Not Sason: Loisa, Seasoning with Purpose

By now, we are all aware that people are boycotting Goya. However, if you are not aware of what is happening, Goya is facing backlash after their CEO, Robert Unanue,  praised Trump. Earlier this month, during a press conference he said that “we are truly blessed” to have Trump as president. This is obviously problematic as Trump is racist and anti-immigration, to say the least. As a result, a lot of people have boycotted Goya products, but this does not necessarily mean your food has to be bland now! Here’s how to move forward:

  1. DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR GOYA PRODUCTS. I cannot stress this enough! You already purchased these products and the money is already in their products, if you throw these products away, you are only hurting yourself! Please, just finish the products and after they’re finished, shop from other brands (keep reading for more on this). If you are not comfortable with finishing your already purchased products, please please please donate them to family, friends or shelters. A lot of people are struggling with putting food on their tables right now, so do not throw food away!
  2. SHOP SMARTER! This is a lot easier said than done, but with everything being exposed this year, I have sworn I am not buying anything before fully going FBI on a brand. This basically includes doing research on where a company is getting their ingredients from (are they ethical? fair trade?) and from who (do they respect labor laws? pay a decent wage?), but most importantly, what are they doing with their money (do they support certain organizations? political affiliation, etc). Lucky for you, I already did this for you! 

Loisa is an organic seasoning brand that offers an amazing blend of Sazon and, most importantly, Adobo (such a win!). The bundle of both is just $14.99! And if you know me enough, you know that I especially recommend brands that have/support purposes outside their companies. Loisa donates 10% of every purchase from their website to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund! So this is totally a no brainer. What is better than having delicious food (mango with adobo *cough* *cough*) and supporting an amazing cause at the same time!

They have also issued a statement condoning the Trump administration and expressing their support: 

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