Unite For Beirut, Lebanon


At 6:07 pm on Tuesday, August 4th 2020 an explosion shook Beirut, the Lebanese capital. This explosion left at least 80 deceased victims and 4000 injured victims. 

The explosion is said to have been caused by 2750 unsupervised tons of ammonium nitrate. The chemical waves caused by the explosion traveled for an estimated 10 kilometers radius. 

Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3) is most commonly found in agricultural fertilizers. Although many of us may not be familiar with it, ammonium nitrate is the most affordable nitrogen source, thus making it the most accessible. In large quantities, the effect of ammonium nitrate can reach the magnitude of a chemical weapon and therefore a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). Due to this, ammonium nitrate has been linked to previous bombing explosions, although the origin of the Beirut explosion remains unsolved. 

The explosion has left the already vulnerable capital and country with increased homelessness due to homes being destroyed, overflowing and under resourced hospitals. Due to the magnitude of the explosion, some hospitals were even left without electricity. This caused all hospitals in the capital to be at or overcapacity where injured victims deemed “not too serious” are turned down for medical attention. At the same time, due to the explosion taking place near the port, many goods, especially food, have been destroyed.

Lebanon has faced corruption in their government for decades now and this catastrophe is simply shining the light upon it. The government is not working at the best of their abilities to alleviate the citizens’ terror and pain and although the Lebanese people have learnt how to carry themselves and the country on their shoulders, they should not be alone! Thankfully, countries such as Kuwait have stepped up by donating money and supplies. However, this is far from over! The people of Lebanon need us now more than ever, so if you’re asking yourself what can you do? Please consider…

Donating to the following organizations:

  • The Lebanese Red Cross
  • The Kuwait Red Crescent’s Lebanon Support Campaign
  • Impact Lebanon
  • Please, DO NOT donate directly to the Lebanese government! We have no way of ensuring it will go towards the people!

If in Beirut, donate blood, food and supplies (please!)

  • Free taxi rides to blood banks (call 71120001)

Spread information!

  • Places offering housing accommodation:
    • Hotel Chbat (03292492)
    • Madrasit El Azariye (03292492)
    • Eden Hotel in Jdeideh/Matador Hotel (03991197)
  • Share this summarized post on Instagram and use #uniteforlebanon and/or #uniteforbeirut

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