Unite For Beirut, Lebanon

#UniteForLebanon At 6:07 pm on Tuesday, August 4th 2020 an explosion shook Beirut, the Lebanese capital. This explosion left at least 80 deceased victims and 4000 injured victims.  The explosion is said to have been caused by 2750 unsupervised tons of ammonium nitrate. The chemical waves caused by the explosion traveled for an estimated 10 kilometers radius.  Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3) is most commonly found in … Continue reading Unite For Beirut, Lebanon

Top 5 Skincare Tools From Amazon

Guest post by: Anna Mischio Let’s talk skincare people. More specifically, skincare tools. Finding and implementing different skincare tools has made such a difference in the overall health and appearance of my skin. If you’re looking to maximize your skincare routine and get glowing skin, this article is for you!  All of these tools are very affordable and can be found on Amazon. I love … Continue reading Top 5 Skincare Tools From Amazon

Boycott Goya, Not Sason: Loisa, Seasoning with Purpose

By now, we are all aware that people are boycotting Goya. However, if you are not aware of what is happening, Goya is facing backlash after their CEO, Robert Unanue,  praised Trump. Earlier this month, during a press conference he said that “we are truly blessed” to have Trump as president. This is obviously problematic as Trump is racist and anti-immigration, to say the least. … Continue reading Boycott Goya, Not Sason: Loisa, Seasoning with Purpose

Shoppe Geo: Love Wall Hanging

I did not realize I was adulting until all my Pinterest and Instagram feed became about home decor. Heck, my go to department in TJMaxx is home decor, always hunting for the cutest and affordable home decor (keeping it college-pocket friendly, of course). On one of my late-night Instagram scrolls, I came across THE most gorgeous and unique crystal wall hanging my eyes had laid … Continue reading Shoppe Geo: Love Wall Hanging